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Your April 12th Self-Love Checklist

Hey It-Girls, I hope you've all had a fabulous week! Are you as excited as I am? If you're not sure what I'm talking about, keep reading! So tomorrow (April 12th), the UK is transitioning into a new stage of lockdown easing; but what does this mean? For the first time in months, non-essential retail, outdoor hospitality and personal care services are all reopening! If you're anything like me, much of your self-love practice consists of taking yourself out for nice meals and investing in the occasional salon treatments to feel your best. With all of those services unavailable for the past few months, I definitely haven't felt like myself and I'm sure I'm not the -only one. Now that things are slowly returning back to normal, I'm more than ready to treat myself to a self-love reset. If you're planning on doing the same, I've created the ultimate April 12th self-love checklist - check it out below!

Book A Salon Treatment

With limited opportunities to visit the salon in the past year, I've really had to get comfortable managing my natural hair for long periods of time. While it's been okay for the most part (I've been natural all my life), I've definitely started to get more lazy with my haircare routine as time has gone on. So one of the first things I'll be doing is booking a salon trip to get my hair treated. Last year I got a texture release treatment for the first time and I honestly love how much my hair has grown as a result. Although the treatments can be a little expensive, with proper management they can last for 3-6 months! If you'd like to know more about my texture release experience, let me know in the comments below (or drop me a message on Instagram)!

Book A Nail Appointment

Does anyone else automatically feel like they have their sh* together when their nails are done? I have definitely missed my bi-monthly trips to the nail salon after work. There's something so nice about just having an hour to yourself. My salon always has Friends/Big Bang Theory re-runs playing in the background while we chat about our work day and plans for when lockdown is finally a thing of the past. Now that this is an option again, I cannot wait to book in my first nail appointment!


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Renew Your Gym Membership

If I'm being honest, I've never been much of a gym girl so this one doesn't immediately fill me with excitement. However it's nice to have the option to go (or not to go) so I'm adding it to the checklist for all the girls who have been missing those gym gains! I personally feel like April 12th is like the new January 1st, where you get to renew your motivations for getting fit and healthy all over again. I recently landed a new job after quitting a role that was incredibly toxic for my mental & physical health. So my motivation since starting my new role, is finally having the chance to make health and wellness a part of my everyday lifestyle. Maybe your motivation is that June 21st is just around the corner and a well-deserved #hotgirlsummer is pending! Whatever your driving force, there's never been a better time to get your body moving again.

Book A Table At Your Favourite Brunch Spot

I know for a fact this is the one we're all looking forward to most! Finally being able to dine out at a restaurant is an experience we have all been craving. Now with being in the UK, the thought of al fresco dining isn't always a welcome thought (it's currently sunny & snowing as I write this). Despite this, restaurants everywhere are getting booked out by the second. While I'll likely be waiting for more consistent warm weather, I can't wait to finally meet up with friends for some good food and good company.


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So those are just a few things on my self-love checklist for April 12th, to get me feeling like myself again. Let me know what's on your checklist in the comments below! If you liked this content, you'll love my blog post on Intentional Self-Love: The Art Of Treating Yourself. Follow me on Instagram for regular content updates and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!


Hey, I'm glad you're here!

For however long you stick around, I hope you feel inspired to start your own self discovery journey and to level up your everyday life. I strongly believe your dream life starts whenever you decide so here's to the start of something new...

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