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Top 3 Date Night Spots In Manchester

Drinks, dinner and a movie, sorted!

So I'm sure we can all agree that this new 10pm curfew puts a major downer on our evening plans but your date nights don't have to suffer. Today I'm giving you the lowdown on three of my top date night spots in Manchester that will have drinks, dinner and a movie sorted all before 10pm!

1. Drinks at Dukes 92

If you live in Manchester and haven't been to Dukes, simply put, you've been missing out. This bar & restaurant is the most popular hotspot in the city. Great for couples and singles alike, it's the perfect vibe if you want to get a little dressed up, have a few killer cocktails and get to know someone in a buzzing, lively setting. The outdoor seating is highly coveted in the summer, perfect for a relaxed double date vibe. Alternatively if you're looking for a more lowkey date night with your partner, stop by on a weeknight for a more quiet, intimate dinner - their menu is one of my favourites!

2. Dinner at Peru Perdu

So I discovered this spot pretty recently during the Eat Out To Help Out scheme - read my full review here! The atmosphere is relaxed and intimate; the perfect place to reconnect after a busy week. With adventurous dishes and small plates to suit all palates, you can guarantee your date will be impressed while getting the chance to try something new!

3. Movie Night at Everyman Cinema

retro lounge at the everyman cinema in manchester city centre
Everyman Cinema via Secret Manchester

It's movie night but make it luxury! Once you've been to the Everyman Cinema, I guarantee you won't want to experience films any other way. This place is a vibe from the moment you walk in. You'll be welcomed to a retro style lounge where you can wait for your screening and pre-order cocktails and small plates, which are delivered to your seat. Each theatre room has a selection of plush sofas for cozy, intimate vibes offering a sense of privacy for you and your date. The limited seating creates a sense of exclusivity but is also great for the current times allowing you to social distance stress-free.

These are just a few of my favourite date night spots in Manchester! Comment below and let me know if you'll be hitting up any of these places on your next night out! Be sure to subscribe for more dining & entertainment recommendations around the city!


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