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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide To Become An It-Girl In 2023

There's so much rhetoric right now around the term 'It-Girl'. We've all heard that viral sound on TikTok that asks if you 'love it or hate it'. There's tonnes of videos on how to become one, whether they even exist anymore in this digital age where everyone is an 'influencer'. Here on The It-Girl Diaries, the term 'It-Girl' is less about how other people see you and all about how you see yourself. It's all about becoming your own muse, your own source of inspiration and being a magnet for the life you can't stop thinking about! By that definition, being an It-Girl in 2023 is all about how you show up as the best version yourself and your personal growth journey.

With Christmas right around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to set your new year up for success! So if you're stumped for what to ask for this holiday season, I've got the ultimate gift guide to help you become an It-Girl in 2023. Before we get started, to kick off this year's Blogmas series, I've put together a fun and festive playlist to help you channel those Christmas vibes so make yourself a cosy drink, press play and get reading!

Gift Ideas for Wellness Lovers

For the girlie that loves a green juice and sunrise yoga in the morning, listens to podcasts on her hot girl walk, lives for Reformer Pilates and dreams of becoming 'that girl' look no further than these fabulous gift ideas for wellness lovers.

ALYVE | Personalised Wellness Subscription

After signing up to Alyve a few months ago, I absolutely had to have them on the list! Alyve offer personalised vitamins, expertly formulated based on your unique set of wellness priorities from better sleep and improved focus to beauty (hair, skin and nails) and weight loss! Simply fill out their free online questionnaire and you'll receive recommendations on the best supplements you should be taking for the wellness goals you selected. Instead of taking 10 different pills per day, Alyve combines all the supplements you need into just 2 pills per day, making your daily vitamin habit so much easier to stick to. Their subscription service is super convenient with packaging that is plastic-free and a glass jar with your name on it that makes refills that much more satisfying.

How to make it a gift: Just ask your gift list recipients to pay for the first 3 months of your subscription! You'll get to trial it for free and they can even save 50% off the first month when using the link here!

LUMIE | Light Therapy Lamps

During the summer it's easy to pull up the blinds, throw open the curtains and bask in the glow of natural sunlight. But in the winter months, it's hard to keep the vibes up without a little help. I recently got a rock salt lamp and it's been making those cosy nights in feel oh so calming and therapeutic - a LUMIE light takes this to a whole new level! Described as a 'personal sunrise', these lamps gradually brighten to wake you in the morning and dim at the end of the day to help you wind down for a more restful sleep cycle. Every it-girl needs their beauty rest after all!

Intelligent Change | 5 Minute Journal

A classic for any girlie trying to become 'that girl' in 2023, the 5 Minute Journal is a total game changer. We don't all have time for a 20-step 2 hour morning routine (especially my fellow corporate baddies), but we can all afford to make 5 minutes for a little mindfulness. The 5-Minute Journal helps you start your day with intention and gratitude by allowing you to take a moment to appreciate what you're grateful for and to decide how you want your day to go. At the end of the day, you can reflect on exactly how your day went and what you can do to make the next one better. It's perfect for those who are just starting out in the journaling game, enabling you to develop good habits with daily prompts and quotes to set the tone for your dream life.

LULULEMON 'Define Jacket' Dupe from Adanola

This one's for my Pink Pilates Prins who want to channel their inner Range Rover Pilates mum (sans Range Rover ofc)! This Lululemon dupe is less than half the price of the Define jacket that went viral all over TikTok,

so you can get the it-girl look for less! It comes in black and grey making it really versatile and perfect for a brisk walk to the gym or even just lounging at home!


Gift Ideas for Self-Care Queens

FFS BEAUTY | The 'Just Getting Started' Rose Gold Reusable Shaving Set

Turning the fuss of shaving into an aesthetic, luxurious self-care experience is what the self-care queen is all about! I'm obsessed with how stunning this set is, not to mention the fact that it's reusable and recyclable meaning you can ditch the cheap plastic shavers for good! Alongside the luxury rose gold shaving handle (which can be personalised for FREE), this kit includes a skin-friendly shaving cream, shower holder and travel pouch for ultimate ease and convenience, even on the go. FFS Beauty (Fuss Free Shaving) currently have 20% off their shaving kit gift sets for Christmas PLUS an extra 5% off when you use the code: EXTRA5OFF* at checkout (Expires 30th November 2022).

Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Glossy Nourishing Hair Oil 58ml

I feel like I've definitely been sleeping on Sol De Janeiro products but I recently tried their famous 'Brazilian Bum Bum Cream' and people are not lying when they say their iconic Cheirosa '62 fragrance smells like absolute heaven. With the recent growth in mainstream popularity of hair oiling (which Asian and Afro-Caribbean girlies have been doing for eons btw), I'm really feeling like now is the perfect time to take your hair care to the next level. Not only does this oil smell amazing but it's said to be great for frizz, protects your hair from heat damage up to 230 degrees and is clinically proven to repair split ends! If like me, you're a girlie that loves a silk press, I think this oil will be a total game changer!

REN Ultimate Skincare Edit

If you've been here for a while you'll know I'm OBSESSED with Ren Clean Skincare and while they always do amazing bundles, this has to be the absolute best one yet! Complete with face and body care essentials and fan favourites including their Daily AHA Tonic, this 12-piece skincare kit has everything you need for flawless, glowy skin in 2023. I know skin cycling has become super popular this year and I personally love using the AHA Tonic for exfoliating, Youth Serum retinoid on day two and overnight balm/cream for recovery days. I also use their renewal mask once a week and daily SPF. I love their dedication to using eco-friendly packaging and cruelty-free formulas and the products are amazing value for money!


Gift Ideas for fashion girlies

Long & Short Sleeve SKIMS Dupes from Adanola

I just bought a bunch of these from Adanola as my wardrobe has been in desperate need of a revamp of my basics. Not only are these super versatile and amazing for layering from winter through to summer but they work really well as part of the 90s minimalism trend that's currently got me and a lot of us fashion girlies in a grip right now. Plus, who doesn't love a high quality SKIMS dupe! I cannot wait to add these pieces to my capsule wardrobe - the outfit options will be endless!


If like me you've tried (and failed) to get those gorgeous green and white New Balance 550s here in the UK, I've got an equally cute and I would argue more unique alternative. These 'Raincloud' 550s are sure to be your new neutral trainer of choice and will go with almost anything in your closet! Particularly if you're someone like me who has never really been able to get down with the classic white Nike Air Force's, I think this shoe is a really cool way to get a similar look but do it differently. It's also a great way to participate in the 550s hype but with a more versatile colourway that won't look super dated once the trend inevitably moves on.

ADANOLA Retro Sports Sweatshirt

Another Adanola pick because obviously I'm a little obsessed. I can't get enough of the retro sport and loungewear vibe that's currently trending and I honestly think that an oversized sweatshirt, leggings, sports socks and trainers have become my uniform at this point. It's like Princess Diana, old money aesthetic but make it sporty and especially with how cold it's been getting lately, I think this gift is the perfect blend of function and style. You can even layer it on top one of the Adanola basic tops mentioned above for extra cosy feels while you're out this winter!

Gift ideas for an Aesthetic Home

Urban Outfitters | Ansel White Tortoiseshell Lamp

I feel like I've been seeing these cool and quirky lamps everywhere lately and I have to say, I really like them! They're a great way to add some character to your nightstand and give it a little bit of a high-end feel. This lamp from Urban Outfitters is versatile and neutral enough to work in almost any space and can help set the mood for cosy nights in bed spent journaling, watching Christmas movies, studying and more!

DIPTYQUE Table Candle Set

Nothing beats the cosy feeling of lighting a candle and filling your home with beautiful scents. Diptyque candles are iconic but can be a little pricey to buy for yourself! This candle set is the perfect way to test out some of their most popular scents including Baies, Roses and Figuier before you invest in a bigger one for your home. A classic gift that will never go unappreciated.

SMARD ART Framed Poster by Sylvine

Okay so this is definitely an investment and one for the wishlist for sure! I'm sure you've seen these prints all over Pinterest; I've always been obsessed with them and really want a commissioned piece for my next big birthday. Sylvine, the artist behind Smard Art captures the essence of Black Girl Magic and Black culture as a whole like no other with luxurious digital art that adds the perfect touch of glamour to your home. If you're looking for unique art that supports black creatives, I cannot recommend her enough!


So there you have it, these are my favourite picks for the ultimate It-Girl Gift Guide for 2022! What's on your Christmas wishlist this year? If you loved this post and are feeling motivated to start planning your dream life for 2023, you'll love my post on 50 Ways To Invest In Yourself! Be sure to subscribe to The It-Girl's Club so you never miss a post and follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for daily It-Girl inspo!

Hey, I'm glad you're here!

For however long you stick around, I hope you feel inspired to start your own self discovery journey and to level up your everyday life. I strongly believe your dream life starts whenever you decide so here's to the start of something new...

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