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The Ultimate End-Of Year Reset for 2023

Hey It-Girls, welcome back for Day 6 of my 12 Days of Blogmas series! We are getting closer and closer to the new year and if you've been following the blog for a while, you'll know that NYE is my absolute favourite holiday! Nothing beats the fresh start, clean slate feeling of a new year. It's out with the old, in with the new - and that is exactly what we'll be talking about in today's blog post! While I definitely believe you can reset your life at any moment with the right intention and change of perspective, there's something about this time of year that just feels so potent and laced with positive energy that makes it the perfect time to give your life a refresh. So today, I'm sharing what's on my end-of-year reset checklist to give you some inspiration for your very own 2023 reset rituals.

Cancel any subscriptions you no longer use

In 2023, we are spending our money CONSCIOUSLY - we are no longer paying for things we don't use. From app subscriptions to streaming services, it's time to audit our subscriptions and clear out the services that aren't giving us value. When you're looking at your monthly budget and wondering how you've managed to spend so much with nothing sparkly or new to show for it, at least for me subscriptions (and takeaways) are usually the culprit. Subscriptions in particular are so sneaky because while they're typically low value, this often makes it easy for them to go unchecked without notice for months longer than needed. It also means they are easy to justify because 'what's another £5 per month' right? Sometimes it's a free trial that you forgot to cancel, other times it's something you don't use nearly as much as you thought you would. Either way, over time, they add up and can often make you feel out of control, especially when payments go out of your account unexpectedly. Taking back control of your finances can be the ultimate first step in attracting more abundance in your life.

Set up your 2023 Notion Dashboard

This one's for my fellow Notion Baes (if you don't know, get to know in 2023)! I discovered Notion some time in 2021 and honestly I don't know how I ever lived without it. For years I tried to convince myself that I was a physical planner girlie but other than having a cute journal to sit on my nightstand, my planners always ended up collecting dust over the course of the year. With Notion, you can literally create a digital hub for your entire life from personal goals to passion projects, reading lists, recipes and so much more! There are so many stunning templates available on to discover through TikTok or Pinterest and it can also function as an interactive vision board allowing you to dream big and then actually map out your process to achieve each goal! If you love digital organisation and want a centralised place to manage your life (even on the go thanks to their mobile app), I cannot recommend Notion enough! Did I mention it's also free?, don't walk and thank me later!

Clear out your wardrobe

In 2023 we're revamping, rebranding and refining our dream lives and sometimes that means letting go of things that no longer serve the person we're trying to become. You know how people say that when their space is cluttered, it's a reflection of their cluttered mind? Well for me, that space is my wardrobe. There's something about having unwanted clothes that feels like deadweight and that is NOT something I'm trying to carry with me into the new year.

Now this ritual isn't as simple as picking up each piece and trashing it if it doesn't 'spark joy'. Clothing is a huge contributor to the planet's landfill waste and donating to charity often doesn't guarantee your clothes find their way to someone in need. Often they actually end up being shipped to developing countries and dumped on their land instead, contributing to their pollution while it remains out of sight and out of mind for us in the Western world. So much like how we spend our money, it's essential that we clear out our wardrobes with intention.

When you clear out your closet consider first if you can change your perspective on how you style and wear your unwanted pieces. Can you upcycle them? Are they good enough quality to sell online? Unfortunately much of my wardrobe from my younger years consists of poor quality fast fashion pieces that are no longer 'trendy' enough for marketplace websites like Depop so I try to look for local car boot sales and sell them off there instead. These are often spaces where families of lower incomes come to do shopping looking to supplement wardrobes with the same pieces we often take for granted. However you choose to pass on your clothes, it's essential to do your research and try to be as intentional as possible about how you extend the lifestyle of the clothing you no longer want.

So those are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how you can reset your life in time for the new year! Check out the rest of the 12 Days Of Blogmas series to give you more festive feels and all the tools you need for 2023! Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for daily lifestyle inspo and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!


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For however long you stick around, I hope you feel inspired to start your own self discovery journey and to level up your everyday life. I strongly believe your dream life starts whenever you decide so here's to the start of something new...

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