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Self Care Sunday: My Weekly Reset Routine

I love Sundays. Currently, I'm sat in my living room wrapped up in a fluffy robe and blanket, with a glass of lemon water next to me, my Youtube playlist on and a some incense burning on my display shelf. Sundays are the perfect day to take it slow, reset your life and prepare for the week ahead. If you find yourself getting to Sunday evening and instantly feeling a sense of dread about going back to work, wondering where your weekend went, you need a #SelfCareSunday routine. By creating a sense of serenity in your home and taking the time to truly focus on yourself, you'll feel so much more energised and ready to face the upcoming week. Your routine can be anything you want it to be as long as it makes you feel good. If you need some inspiration to get you started check out my Self Care Sunday routine below:

Wake Up, Read A Devotional + Prayer

Self Care Sunday: My Weekly Reset Routine | Meditation

My Sunday routine always starts with spiritual growth and connection. Nothing creates a sense of peace for your day like taking quiet time to do some inner work. I usually use my Bible App to read a daily devotional and reflect on how I can apply the lessons learned, in my daily life. I often get answers to some of the things I've been worrying about throughout the week which then informs my plans for the rest of the day. Even if you're not necessarily religious, even just taking 10 minutes to meditate or sit in silence will honestly change the vibe of your day. If you're looking for some easy ways to get into meditation, I cannot recommend Youtube enough. Great Meditation is a channel that offers easy guided meditations for a variety of outcomes from anxiety relief to generating positive emotions.


Self Care Sunday: My Weekly Reset Routine | Stretching

So once I've tackled my mindset for the day, I work on my body. Now that we're entering winter, it honestly has become so much harder to get out of bed in the morning. Although when I was younger, I loved waking up and starting my day with a 30 minute workout, that definitely doesn't work for me now (believe me, I've tried). I've had to find more easy going ways of activating my body in the morning and that's where stretching comes in. While I'm definitely no yoga expert, I have definitely felt the benefits of slow movement and stretching every morning. There's no fancy routine to this for me, I usually just make it up as I go along and do what feels good.

Shower Routine

Self Care Sunday: My Weekly Reset Routine | Body Care

Now for my favourite part, the shower routine. Firstly, I wash and deep condition my hair. I try to make this as simple as possible for myself - fellow 4C girls will understand, it's a process. I then lather myself in a delicious smelling shower gel; I love anything vanilla, chocolate or coffee scented. Next I use my aloe vera gel and do a full-body shave. Even though it's winter and I spend most days in jeans or joggers, I'm obsessed with the feeling of getting into bed with freshly shaved legs (I know I'm not the only one!) Finally, my absolute favourite part is using my Imara Therapy Damask Rose Body Polish. Created with cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil and coconut sugar for exfoliation, this all natural body scrub leaves my skin feeling like silk and honestly smells delicious. No seriously, it smells like mince pie - very appropriate for the holiday season!

Morning Detox

Self Care Sunday: My Weekly Reset Routine | Detox Water

I don't know what it is about nearing Christmas but eating healthy completely goes out the window for me. So Sundays are the perfect time for me to reset my body, allowing myself a break from the lazy takeaways and snacking and taking time to be more intentional about what I consume. I try to keep it light in the morning with some fruits and lemon water, allowing my hunger to set in naturally as I go about my day.

Catch Up On Youtube

Self Care Sunday: My Weekly Reset Routine | Watch Youtube Videos

In the meantime I catch up on all my Youtube subscriptions, watching videos that get me into the slow but productive mindset that I want for my day. Some of my favourite channels to watch on a Sunday include Lavendaire, MuchelleB and Leeor Alexandra. They all specialise in self care, spirituality and productivity content that helps me to focus my energy, get inspired and keep my vibration as high as possible.

Cook A Meal

Self Care Sunday: My Weekly Reset Routine | Healthy Meal Prep

Eventually I head to the kitchen to make myself a home cooked meal. Depending on how early or late it is, I'll either make myself some protein pancakes for brunch or a bowl of pasta for lunch. I love making comfort food, especially in winter! I'll usually put on some music in the kitchen and throw myself completely into the process of making a delicious meal.

I usually spend the rest of the day searching for inspiration on Pinterest and creating content for the week ahead. Hopefully you feel inspired and have found some new ideas that you can implement into your own reset day! What does your Sunday routine look like? Be sure to let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a post!


Hey, I'm glad you're here!

For however long you stick around, I hope you feel inspired to start your own self discovery journey and to level up your everyday life. I strongly believe your dream life starts whenever you decide so here's to the start of something new...

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