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My Fall Morning Routine: Getting Back Into Boss Babe Mode

Happy September! With the end of summer comes that underlying pull to get back to work. Maybe it's that 'back-to-school' feeling we have instilled from childhood, the falling leaves signifying seasonal change or the inevitable race to Christmas. Either way, I'm fully embracing getting into the fall spirit with some changes to my morning routine and thought I'd share what a typical start now looks like for me:

7:00am: Alarm goes off and I'm up pretty much instantly. As an incredibly light sleeper, hitting the snooze button is futile!

7:05am: Although I can't fall back asleep once my alarm goes off, I still like to start my day slowly. Typically that means, lying in bed for a few minutes then spending some time on my daily devotional. I do my absolute best to avoid those pesky Instagram notifications and emails but it happens...

7:15am: Next, I jump straight in the shower and usually spend this time brainstorming possible outfit options for the day. I keep it simple when it comes to my skin with an activated charcoal scrub for my face and moisturising shower cream for my body. If I'm in a particularly luxurious mood I'll use some of my favourite Damask Rose Exfoliating Body Polish by Imaratherapy. They specialise in handmade infused oil skincare products that honestly leave my skin feeling like silk!

7:30am: Once I've hopped out of the shower, I dry off and put on my cosiest robe. Next, I head to my spare bedroom, plug in my phone and search Youtube for a good 10 minute meditation to set the tone for my day and keep me in a mindful state. Great Meditation is an amazing channel for busy babes like myself who simply don't have the time to sit for 30 mins+ meditating. This way I get to keep up my mindfulness practice no matter how much I have to do during the day.

7:40am: When it comes to dressing for Autumn in the UK, my go-to outfit is the perfect blend of smart casual and weather-appropriate. Typically this consists of:

  • A neutral turtleneck to keep me warm throughout the day

  • Wide leg/flared jeans to elongate my legs and make me look taller (I'm 5'4)

  • Pointed toe heeled boots to easily transition from a day at the office to after-work drinks if necessary

  • A statement blazer to complete the smart casual look

  • A simple gold necklace for added detail

8:10am: Time for breakfast, my favourite part of the morning! By this time I'm usually walking a thin line between being on time and being late so that usually determines what I end up eating. My go-to meal is simply a bagel topped with dairy-free spread + strawberry jam and my new fall coffee recipe that is honestly better than Starbucks! When it comes to coffee, the sweeter the better! Want the recipe for this vegan-friendly beverage? Leave a comment on my latest Instagram post and I'll be sure to share it in my next blog!

8:30am: Finally, I head to the office to start my work day!


I'd love to know how you guys start your mornings? Are you a serial snoozer? Do you have your own winning coffee recipe to get you pumped for the day? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!


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