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It-Girl Approved: Autumn 2022 Style Essentials

5 fall fashion pieces to add to your autumn wardrobe

Talk about this season's trends are all over Tiktok and I have to say I've been a little obsessed. Anyone that knows me knows that fashion was my first love and while I left my fashion career behind, I still love the art of personal style and seeing how to incorporate current trends into my existing wardrobe. With microtrends dying as quickly as they begin, aesthetics culture on the rise and fast fashion ever present, trying to keep up with the trends can be pretty overwhelming. But in a world of temporary trends, finding the blend between trendy and timeless is the perfect way to nail your personal style this season. Want the ultimate It-Girl approved style guide to dressing for Autumn like a pro? Check out some of my favourite style essentials for the season, below!

Versatile black boots

The styles change but the item is the same - you can never go wrong with a pair of sturdy black boots. While I love all the boot variations that come with each new season: calf-length vs knee length, pointed vs square toe; block heel vs stiletto, a classic, sturdy black boot can be worn effortlessly no matter the season or occasion. Wear them with jeans, with leather pants, knit midi dresses, mini skirts and so much more; this is one wardrobe investment you won't regret.

A long wool coat

Speaking of investments you won't regret, if you don't have a staple wool coat in your wardrobe, this is your sign to get one. Unless you're lucky enough to live somewhere that is warm and sunny all year round, a coat is about to be the single most important piece in your wardrobe for the next few months. Its's all well and good planning your cute autumnal outfits with micro minis and cropped sweaters (a la Miu Miu) but unless you're planning to brave the brisk October air for the sake of style, a coat is going to be front and centre in a lot of this season's outfits. I once heard it explained like this: a coat takes up 2/3 of your entire head-to-toe look, covering most of your body - so if you're going to make a statement, your coat is how you tell people what you're all about. If you make just one style investment this year, let it be this one!


For that added dose of flair and personality a cashmere scarf is a timeless accessory to spice up your Autumn looks. The trend of the moment is a long and chunky variation but a midweight scarf offers a more classic alternative that is sure to look good for seasons to come. Instead, experiment with new ways to tie, style and wear your scarf to keep it fresh for this season. One important aspect to consider: your scarf will be the closest piece to your face - be sure to choose a colour that complements your skin tone and makes you shine. I've become a little obsessed with burnt orange lately which is the perfect pop of colour for a Dark Autumn like myself. Don't know your colour season? I recommend watching Cocoa Styling on Youtube - her videos specifically cater to helping black women find their colour season and personal style! Other stylists I love include Ellie-Jean Royden from Body & Style and Gabrielle Arruda!

Menswear vests

Okay, I have to admit, I was a little sceptical of this trend when I first saw it. I'm sure we've all seen those videos saying that while last autumn was the year of Blair Waldorf 'old money' style, this year is all about Serena. As a Blair girl at heart, I didn't really think the whole laid back, 'cool girl' preppy look was for me but when I found this men's waistcoat (in my boyfriend's closet) I was inspired! This look is perfect for those mild Autumn days; a great way to spice up an otherwise basic outfit. If you're planning on participating in this trend but aren't sure you're going to love it in a few years from now, I definitely recommend shopping your dad, brother or boyfriend's wardrobe before splurging on something new. Chic menswear is always a vibe!

Oversized blazers

Do I even need to say much? We all know that a good oversized blazer is FUNDAMENTAL for Fall! While black is obviously a classic, this year I want to focus on expanding my collection for even more variety and styling options. Oversized blazers have been around for a while but the styling options just keep growing with each new season. I wear mine over athleisure sets, jeans and a white tank, slip dresses and boots, the list goes on. When in doubt make it match with a cute mini skirt or some relaxed matching suit trousers for those preppy, Scandi-inspired vibes. A blazer is a great way to rework your summer dresses for the chilly days ahead giving your wardrobe more versatility and more wear in the long run.


So that's my style essentials list for Autumn 2022! If you liked this post, I guarantee you'll love my blog post on How To Dress More Feminine - the no florals, no frills guide to Autumn/Winter fashion! Be sure to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for daily style and wellness inspo and subscribe to The It-Girls Club so you never miss a post!



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