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How to romanticise winter and the holiday season

Beat the winter blues and get into the festive spirit

Hey It-Girls, welcome to the second day of my new 12 Days Of Blogmas series where I'll be highlighting and posting one blog post per day between now and the 24th December for a daily dose of inspiration to get you ready for 2023!

We're continuing this series with one of my favourite topics - romanticising your life. The winter months can be hard, especially as the days get colder and darker and those winter blues start to kick in. The festive season can also bring up a lot of emotions for those who don't have the fondest memories of the holidays. At times like this it helps to have activities to lift your spirits, keep you busy and get you excited for the festive season and this blog will help you do just that!

1. Light a Christmas candle

Nothing gives those cosy winter vibes like a good Christmas candle. I light one every night to set the tone for a cosy evening in and it really helps to life my mood, especially after a cold and grey day out. One of my top tips for really making the fragrances in your home last is to opt for candles and reed diffusers with the same scent so even when you're not burning your candles, your space still smells festive. In terms of what scents and fragrances to look for; I love the Winter Pine candle by Sand + Fog and the Woodfire Apple candle by DW Home (both found at Homesense)!

2. Bake cookies

Despite my best efforts, I am pretty awful at baking but it still doesn't stop me from trying! As I write this, I'm currently sat with a mug of hot chocolate and a batch of botched gingerbread cookies by my side which I honestly had so much fun making despite how bad they turned out. It's a great way to get creative and appease your inner child, PLUS if you're much better at baking than I am, it also makes a for a nice festive treat to enjoy throughout the week!

3. Decorate your space

Okay I'll admit, before I discovered the benefits of romanticising your life, I didn't really see the point of decorating my flat for Christmas. Living several hours away from my family means I'm never really in my own flat at Christmas as I always drive back home to be with them over the holiday season. But this weekend I woke up to find my living room which I share with my flatmate, totally transformed with the cutest Christmas decor and I couldn't help but feel that sense of magic and excitement that I felt as a kid! Whether you go all out with a huge tree and fairy lights or keep it minimal with a table top mini tree or a festive room spray, adding a touch of Christmas magic to your space is guaranteed to get the good vibes flowing.

4. Make a festive playlist

One thing to know about me is that I have a playlist for everything! If you've read my popular blog post on How To Embody Main Character Energy, one thing I always recommend is having a soundtrack to your life. A good playlist helps to create a sense of nostalgia which evokes positive memories any time you listen. Plus, if you're someone who has struggled with social anxiety like I have in the past, being able to walk around in public and be in your own world can create a sense of safety and stop you worrying about everyone around you. If you need a festive playlist to get you inspired while you're making cookies, doing your night routine or out at the Christmas markets, check out mine below!

5. Write a gift wishlist

Now when it comes to gifts, I know some people prefer to just be surprised at Christmas but I much prefer to make a wishlist as it allows me to ask for things I truly need and see myself using rather than just ending up with more stuff. Particularly if you're planning to make 2023 your year, you can really get strategic about what you ask for, choosing gifts that will help you level up and embody your inner It-Girl to the fullest! Not sure what to ask for this Christmas? Check out my It-Girl Approved Christmas Gift Guide for 2022 below!


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6. Treat yourself to a festive Starbucks drink

Is it really Christmas without a festive Starbucks drink? I think not! Now I don't drink coffee so I can't really recommend much on that front but if you had to ask my drink of choice? A hot chocolate. White. With gingerbread syrup in it! It honestly tastes like Christmas in a cup - I even bought the official Starbucks gingerbread syrup to use at home (which is a great saving hack if you're spending too much on shop bought hot drinks).

7. Visit the Christmas markets

Now at the time of writing this, I actually haven't been to the Christmas markets yet this year, but I absolutely loved going last year and definitely plan to go at some point in the next week or so. It's such a great way to get out of the house whether you go alone or with friends. It also makes for a great winter date idea: sharing chocolate covered Dutch pancakes, huddling in the warmth of an outdoor lodge, sipping on mulled wine or even hitting the rink for some skating to bring in the laughs and break the ice (pun intended)! Either way, it's sure to be a cute day out for everyone involved.

8. Curate your winter wardrobe

Out with the old and in with the new; tis the season to bring out the winter wardrobe and switch up your look! As much as I prefer the summer weather, I've got to admit, I definitely prefer dressing for winter. The colder weather and need for layering makes outfit building so much more fun with endless wardrobe options and so many ways to make a statement; from killer coats and swoon-worth scarves to cosy knits and sleek leather boots! I recently did a complete overhaul of my wardrobe which I'm hoping to do a blog post on very soon but in the meantime if you're in need of some It-Girl approved wardrobe inspo, check out the blog post below!


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9. Try the 'I'm cold' makeup trend

Now out of all the things that TikTok has put me on to, this has to be one of my favourite trends of the moment. I'm not really much of a makeup fanatic and don't have a lot of makeup products on hand to experiment with so most of the beauty trends I see on the app don't always feel super accessible, achievable or suitable for every day life. However this look is one that absolutely anyone can recreate; cute and playful and subtle enough to wear in the office (essential for fellow corporate baddies)! Want to try out the look yourself? I love this video which demonstrates how to achieve the look on a darker skin tone!

10. Create a cosy night routine

Finally, creating rituals and routines for yourself can make such a difference when you've got a case of the winter blues. I'm a big believer in creating a night routine full of all the things that bring you comfort and an inner sense of calm. While meditating, reading self-development books and planning your to-do list for the next day are of course great ways to spend your evening, the lead up to Christmas should be a time of slowing down, letting go of the reins and indulging in nostalgic whims. This is a great time to connect with your inner child - think, re-watching beloved tv shows, fluffy socks and hot chocolate with all the toppings! You can also catch up daily with my 12 Days Of Blogmas to help get you in the festive spirit and excited for the new year!

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