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How To Reset Your Goals For The Second Quarter of 2022

How to get back on track this month

Happy new month, It-Girls! Can you believe it's April already? We are officially into the second quarter of 2022 and this is usually the time that those old habits start to creep back in. Not for us though! If you feel like you've been slacking on your goals lately and need a bit of a reset, this is definitely for you! I think it's so important to reflect and readjust your goals regularly to keep yourself motivated, so that's exactly what this blog post is all about.

1. Reflect: Are you on track to achieve the goals you set at the start of the year? Why or why not?

So I'm not going to lie, I'm definitely not where I imagined I would be by this time of the year. I set a lot of pretty ambitious (but achievable) goals however, I know that if I'm honest with myself, I could have been a lot more consistent. But life happens and I know that when I set my goals, I set them with a 'perfect' version of myself in mind. In the excitement of a new year, it's so easy to convince yourself you'll be 100% all the time, but it just isn't realistic. So if you're in a similar position right now, instead of setting goals that require you to be at your best 24/7, set smaller goals that are focused on more gradual improvement.

2. Readjust: What can you change to ensure you achieve your goals for this quarter?

Once you know why you're not currently on track, you can make the necessary changes to ensure you do better in the next 3 months. That could mean removing those goals that don't excite you anymore, to make room for the ones you really care about. It could also include adjusting certain measurements of success to catch up on any goals you might be behind on. Looking at my list of goals for 2021, there are definitely one or two that just haven't been relevant in the past few months, especially while in lockdown. However, now that restrictions are easing, I'll be readjusting how I prioritise certain goals as we move towards summer.

3. Renew: What new goals do you have for this quarter based on previous reflection?

Now it's time to reset and re-focus. This quarter, I'll be rewriting my goals for the next 3 months, taking into account any adjustments I need to make. I'll also be thinking of some new incentives to keep myself motivated. When setting goals for the next quarter, think about how you can make things easier for yourself. Will buying new workout gear make you more pumped for when gyms open? Maybe you need to put up some reminders on your wall to keep you on track? Do whatever you need, to ensure the next three months are as productive as possible - but don't forget to have some fun goals in there as well!


I hope this post has left you feeling super motivated to set your goals for Quarter 2 of 2022! If you love monthly planning content, you'll love my post on 3 Things To Do At The Beginning Of Every Month. Connect with me on Instagram for regular content updates and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!


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