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How To Re-Invent Yourself in 2023

Okay It-Girls, I've been gone for a minute but I'm back and feeling healthy and determined to deliver on that level up content that I promised for this month! If you've been here for a while, you will know just how much I love this time of year. While some people may not feel like a new year has any significance, for me, this time of year has always felt like a time where changing your life truly feels possible. Time may only be a social construct but you can't deny the collective feeling of a fresh start that comes when the clock hits 12. Maybe you've slipped into old habits in the past few months and the colder weather has pulled you out of your routine. Or perhaps you've been feeling unsatisfied with the way your life is going and have fallen into a rut. Either way, there's no better time to start mastering the art of reinvention. I honestly feel like I truly learned to do this for myself over the past few years, so for today's post I'll be sharing some of my favourite tips for how you can re-invent yourself in 2023.

1. Evaluate where you are now

The first step to any transformational change is to evaluate your current position. You can't move forward if you don't know where you are! I think the most important thing to understand is why you want to re-invent yourself. Does your need for change come from an inner desire to be your best self or are you seeking change in order to be externally validated by others? If you feel the need to change in order to accommodate the preferences of someone else (an overbearing friend, a critical parent, a toxic partner etc) then your re-invention is likely to come from a place of self-judgement which will inevitably lead to cycle of trying and failing to be different from who you are. If you feel like this then I definitely think that before you start thinking you need to change yourself, your first priority should be to practice self-acceptance of who you are today. However if your decision to re-invent yourself comes from an innate knowing that you can do better, be better and deserve better - then you're being driven by self-love - the perfect position to start changing your life!

2. Visualise the person you want to become

Okay so once you've established that you're operating from a place of self-love and a desire to level up for yourself, it's time to get visualising. This is probably the most exciting part because the possibilities are endless! Does your salary need an upgrade? Are you looking to switch careers? Do you want to revamp your wardrobe? Now is the time to put together the masterpiece of your dream life and make your wishlist a reality. Some of my favourite ways to do this involve scripting and creating vision boards on Pinterest. I'm certainly no manifesting expert but if you'd like to learn more about exactly how to script, be sure to check out this video by Leeor Alexandra, one of my favourite 'level up' Youtubers. Click here for more Youtubers to watch on your journey!


3. Make a list of what aspects of your life need to change (be specific)

So you have the vision, you've scripted out your dream life, you've pinned it all to your boards but how exactly do you get from here to there? If you've ever studied business or any type of project management you'll know that it starts with a vision but it's the objectives and tactics that actually get you to the end goal.

So if it's a salary upgrade you're looking for; have you discussed your intentions with your boss? Are they open to helping you progress or is it time to brush up your LinkedIn profile, get networking and find a new job? I love that our generation is responsible for 'The Great Resignation' and that now more than ever, the power is in our hands! Switching jobs more often has allowed me to bump up my salary tremendously in the space of a year and it's actually a lot easier than we think. Keeping your skills relevant and adapting to how your industry is changing is going to be crucial for making yourself an asset wherever you are.

But what if you're looking to give your physical appearance a 2022 update? Nothing says 'new year, new me' like a revamped levelled up image! I'm currently obsessed with defining my personal style and learning to dress less for trends and more according to what looks best on my body. Recently, I came across 'kibbe types' on TikTok; a style theory developed by David Kibbe designed to help you discover the lines and clothing that best compliment your body type. Unlike typical body type style recommendations that are all about 'correcting' or creating an illusion (making you look slimmer or taller) with your outfits, the Kibbe system is praised for enhancing your body's natural bone structure, curves and lines and celebrating your inner essence. While this method definitely requires more research, the level of detail makes this an amazing tool for helping you to discover and refine your style in order to create a look that is truly signature to you. Another aspect to consider is the overall quality of your wardrobe and appearance. Is it time to invest in more well made staple pieces? Do you have a lot of old clothes that need replacing? Do you need to start taking better care of your hair, skin and nails?

This step is all about breaking down your vision into stages that you can action in your life now and creating the ultimate checklist for your level up transformation.


4. Set your objectives

So once you've got a list of what exactly you'd like to change, now's the time to put your plan in motion! If you want your career or finances to change: set up a time and date to discuss your aspirations with your boss. Set a target to dedicate an hour minimum per day to applying for your dream job. Lay out your 3-6 month exit strategy for leaving your job and finally committing to your passion full time. Set up a standing order for your savings so you can put money away automatically.

If you're looking to glow up physically, set yourself a 'revamp budget'. Choose 3-5 core brands that emulate your new style requirements from fabric quality and design to affordability and uniqueness. Book in your next nail appointment and commit to keeping up with at least one professional hair, skin or nail treatment per month.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the concept of making SMART objectives so ensure that whatever objective you set for your transformation is Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timely!

5. Challenge your mindset

Let's be real. Regardless of how exciting all these changes can be, nothing is truly going to make you feel like a new person if your mindset doesn't change as well. You might get a pay rise but if you still view money as being scarce and difficult to make, you'll still find yourself feeling 'broke' all the time no matter what your paycheck says. Similarly if you don't take the time to work on your mental health and self esteem through therapy, journaling or self help, no amount of new clothes or hair treatments are going to make you feel confident in your own skin. Remember that the real glow up always starts from the inside out!

So now you've got the ultimate blueprint for re-inventing yourself for the year ahead! What does the 2022 you look like? I can't wait to see how we all evolve in the new year! Connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest for daily inspo and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!

Hey, I'm glad you're here!

For however long you stick around, I hope you feel inspired to start your own self discovery journey and to become your very own muse.

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