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How to manifest your dream life

The manifestation mindset I use to get what I want

Hey It-Girls, hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend! I know I've been missing in action lately so a life update blog is definitely due and coming soon! Last Saturday, I celebrated my 24th birthday and as an annual tradition, I like to take some time out to journal and reflect on what I want to manifest for the year ahead. I started my manifestation journey back in 2018 after graduating and feeling completely lost. I read a lot of books, watched a lot of YouTube videos and decided to take control of my life. Three years later I’ve manifested better finances, better relationships, my 'dream job' and so much more! I know that manifesting is something that so many people want to master and while I'm no expert, I've learned some great tips along my journey that I'd love to share. So if you're interested to know more, keep reading for some of my favourite manifestation practices for calling in the life of your dreams.

1. Ditch the scarcity mindset

Despite what capitalism might have you believe, scarcity is a myth. Competition keeps us desperately chasing things that would come to us naturally if only we stopped believing they were hard to obtain. In a 'kill or be killed' world that says you have to step on others or fight to get the things you want in life, I choose to believe otherwise. Whenever I find myself stressing and obsessing over something I want, I remind myself that there is more than enough (money, jobs, opportunities etc) to go around and that the more I chase something, the faster it will run away. Instead, I believe that everything I want is already in my reach, I visualise myself as already having what I want and I channel the emotions associated with having this. That means that if I want to earn

more money for example, I have to visualise and carry myself as someone who earns higher and channel the feeling of freedom that will come from worrying less about money. For more on how I changed my money mindset, check out this blog post.


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2. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

One of the easiest ways to begin enjoying your life more is to change your perspective on what you experience. When you stop focusing on the bad and victimising yourself e.g. 'why is this happening to me', and start to focus on everything you usually take for granted, I guarantee you will begin to feel happier. Every morning, while I'm in the shower or getting dressed for work, I list a minimum of 5 things that I am grateful for. From a good night's sleep to a sunny morning, a great hair day or if nothing else, just for the fact that you are still alive! You'll soon find out like I did that you actually have far more to be grateful for than you have to complain about. You may have heard of the concept that what you focus on persists? Well if this is indeed the case, it's a no-brainer that in order to manifest more good in your life, you have to focus on the good that you already have.


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3. Let go of the 'how'

One thing I believe often holds us back from achieving our dreams is being unable to see how we're going to get there. If your dream is to be your own boss and live somewhere hot by the ocean, but you live in a busy city, working a 9-5, it can definitely feel like a reach. However one thing I've realised is that it's not our job to figure out the how. After quitting my job in March, I wanted to manifest a new role that aligned with my beliefs and the lifestyle I wanted to live. I knew I wanted to get out of the fast fashion industry and work in a more positive environment but after being there for so long, I couldn't even picture what that would look like for me or if I was even qualified. So instead of focusing on anything that might have created doubt in my mind, I simply wrote in my manifestation journal:

'In the last week of this month [March], I will have an amazing new job that aligns with my beliefs and the life I want to live'

I approached my job search intuitively, only applying for roles that I could visualise myself enjoying. When we're desperate for an outcome it can be easy to compromise and accept less than what we want, especially when we can't imagine how we'll get there. However by focusing on the feelings I wanted to experience rather than the logistics of how it would happen, I was able to keep my doubts at a minimum and manifest an amazing job offer at the exact time I had written down! If you take anything from this blog post it's that miracles happen when you stop worrying about the 'how'.

Those are just a few mindset shifts that have truly changed my ability to manifest what I want in life. Got any tips of your own? Share them in the comments below or drop me a DM on Instagram! If you liked this blog post, you'll love my post on 'How To Embody Main Character Energy'. Click here to subscribe so you never miss a post!


Hey, I'm glad you're here!

For however long you stick around, I hope you feel inspired to start your own self discovery journey and to level up your everyday life. I strongly believe your dream life starts whenever you decide so here's to the start of something new...

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