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How To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious (Renter-Friendly)

Hey It Girls! So if you're on a mission to add more luxury to your everyday, it's essential to start at home. Your home should feel like your very own sanctuary; a place where you can fully cultivate and plan your dream life.


I've read a lot of articles that talk about making your home feel more luxurious and expensive but while most tips were great for someone who owns their home, a lot of them weren't very renter-friendly! As someone who is currently renting myself (as I save towards my own house), I understand just how hard it can be to make your space feel like your own without the freedom to customise how you want. One thing I've learned is that it's all in the details. So if you're a renter looking to make your home feel more luxurious for less, check out my top decor tips below!

1. Candles

Candles are a great addition to any home for a number of reasons. Firstly, they can be used as stunning decorative pieces for your display shelves. I'm sure you've seen the recent Venus bust candle trend that seems to be on every influencer/interior Instagram these days, but it's easy to see why they're so popular. Those minimal Parisian vibes add a touch of elegance that instantly upgrades your space. Another aspect that makes candles so great is that when you actually use them, they make your home smell amazing which adds to the luxurious atmosphere you are trying to create. I personally tend to go for more subtle scents such as vanilla as I can be sure it won't overwhelm anyone visiting who may be more sensitive to smells. I also opt for soy candles as they are natural, less toxic and affordable.

2. Incense

Similar to candles, incense elevates the way your home smells which adds to creating a luxurious atmosphere. If you consider yourself to be a spiritual person, incense can also be used to move negative/stagnant energy, making you feel more grounded in your space. The smell can be strong so it's not for everyone but if you do want to try it, be sure to ventilate your home while burning it so it doesn't stick to your furniture, walls etc. For added atmosphere, play some music and move your body - you'll be surprised how different your home feels afterwards.

3. Add Metallic Accents

When it comes to decorating a rented home, the more blank the canvas the better. I usually try to look for apartments with plain white walls and neutral colours so that I can develop my colour and accent palette from scratch. My latest apartment came with a 70s style brown + cream accent wall that I absolutely hated at first but by working with the colours instead of against them, I was able to take the space from dated DIY to 70s Luxe using gold accents. Whatever metallic accents you choose to use in your home, choose one colour and stick to it (this also applies to jewellery). It will make your space look well thought out and consistent, pulling everything together in a polished way.

4. Coffee Table Books

If you watch as many Architectural Digest videos on Youtube as I do, you'll know that people with luxurious homes own a lot of coffee table books. These are great additions to your home for a number of reasons. Just like candles, they are decorative, adding an interesting visual element to your space - they are intentionally designed this way. They are also a great way to subtly represent your interests and can show how cultural you are which makes for great conversation starters when you have visitors. My interests lie in minimalism, sustainability and self development so my coffee table books naturally reflect this. Don't buy books just for aesthetics as it will look pretty forced if your visitors ask you about them and you haven't read a single one!

5. Add Texture

So far we've discussed a few ways to create a luxury atmosphere in your home by engaging your senses through sight and scent, so my next tip involves touch. Adding soft, plush elements to your home such as rugs, cushions and throws, helps to create an upgraded level of comfort wherever you are. When buying things for my new space, I opted for striking a balance between affordability and comfort. Instead of purchasing the cheapest pillows I could find (which I would inevitably have to replace after a month or two), I upgraded and chose to get duck down pillows which offer greater comfort and long-term quality. I also purchased some fluffy rugs for each room to soften up the space and add texture.


So those are my top tips for making your home feel more luxurious as a renter! Let me know if you are planning to incorporate any of these into your space and be sure to share any other tips you might have!

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