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7 Youtubers To Watch On Your Level Up Journey

Hey It-Girls, can you believe how close we are to the end of the year already?! With just over 2 weeks to go until 2023, now is the perfect time to start preparing for the year ahead. This is honestly my favourite time of year for self-development content so I'm excited to bring you guys as much value as I possibly can. As part of my 12 Days of Blogmas series, I’ll be sharing all my top tips, favourite resources and challenges so we can all work on our 2023 game plans together!

To kick off today's post, I thought I’d start right at the beginning with how my own self-development journey started: YouTube. I’d never really been into YouTube as I‘d always thought it was just a platform for beauty gurus and cat videos, but after seeing how many cool and interesting channels my partner was subscribed to, I decided to explore it for myself. One search for ‘law of attraction’ videos and I found myself falling fast down the self-development rabbit hole. I was obsessed! Since then, YouTube has become one of my favourite sources of inspiration from fitness and healthy living to manifesting and romanticising my life. So I’m sharing some of my favourite YouTube channels to get you motivated and inspired for the next 2 weeks. Flick through any of these when you’re feeling demotivated or uninspired and I guarantee you’ll start to feel better!

For happy seasonal vibes & healthy habits - Sam Ozkural

Sam was one of the first Youtubers I ever subscribed to and it was actually one of her videos that kickstarted my entire self-development & manifestation journey. She has the most simple yet effective healthy lifestyle tips and such positive high vibes that always get me excited to work on my goals again. Not to mention she has the absolute cutest daughter ever!

For moon readings, manifesting & self development - Leeor Alexandra

Current Fave: Here Is Your Sign

Another one of my absolute faves, Leeor covers everything from LOA, self-development books and manifesting to aliens, moon cycles and living in a simulation. If you love exploring esoteric topics and things that get you to think outside the box, you'll absolutely love her channel. Her infectious personality and honesty is an instant mood booster!

For getting inspired to romanticise your life: Fernanda Ramirez

I've now been subscribed to Fernanda for over a year and her videos give me life! She's young and bubbly and truly embodies 'main character energy'; manifesting her dream life and making everyday life feel like a movie. I love how motivational her videos are while still being realistic and down to earth! Definitely give her videos a watch if you're looking for fun and inspiring ideas to make your daily life feel more exciting.

For boujee boss babe chats & self care: Hailey Gamba

If you truly want to learn to fall in love with yourself, Hailey is your girl! She is the queen of self-care and a true advocate for treating yourself, following your dreams and self-maintenance. For those days when you feel like you've been letting yourself go or when you just need to feel like 'you' again - her videos are a God send. She also has the best girl chat videos with tips on dating, hygiene and everything in between!

For chaotic funny & honest 'that girl' inspo: Mai Phạm

Okay Mai's channel is probably one of my favourite Youtube discoveries of this year. She is hilarious, chaotic, honest and motivational all at the same time and it is so refreshing to watch! Her videos are like an ongoing train of thought said out loud, accompanied by gym goals, aesthetic healthy meals and awe-inspiring New York living. It sounds confusing and honestly, you just have to watch her to see what I mean but if you want 'that girl' inspo and unapologetic authenticity, definitely check her out!

For thought-provoking think pieces: Adella Afadi

You know those people you see online that you just wish you knew in real life? That's Adella! Smart, funny, honest and relatable, her social commentary videos feel like the conversations I have with my friends covering everyday life, society and self-improvement. With thought-provoking takes on some of our generation's biggest trends and topics, she offers refreshing insights that always bring me back down to earth and remind me that it's okay to do things differently and that ultimately we're all doing a lot better than we think.

For soothing vlogs that heal the soul: Hitomi Mochizuki

You can't convince me that Hitomi isn't a real-life angel! Her voice is so soothing, her visuals calm my soul and her words of wisdom always feel like poetry. I discovered Hitomi's channel over a year ago and she's one of very few Youtubers whose vlogs I can watch and listen to over and over again and always come out with some new meaning. Hitomi describes her channel as 'a safe space for healing, wholesome energy, meditation and yummy vegan recipes... a snippet of my life and the sacred energy I yearn to bring to all things...where you shall find vlogs, deep dives into emotional intelligence, the occasional sustainable fashion video, and pretty much just raw truth..' and honestly, I couldn't describe it any better than that. If you're into spirituality and slow living, Hitomi is definitely one to watch.


I would love to know who some of your favourite Youtubers are so be sure to let me know in the comments below or over on Instagram! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post and follow me on Pinterest for more daily inspo!

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Sharon Sindio Simpiri
Sharon Sindio Simpiri
19 de nov. de 2021

Upcoming Sunday, I will have a little me time. Am gonna check all these youtuber out. I know that I can learn something from them. Thank for sharing love ❤


I fell in love with personal development like you did: through Youtube! I could watch videos for hours haha

Lydia May
Lydia May
14 de nov. de 2021
Respondendo a

Love that! It's such a great resource! I've always got a Youtube video on when I need motivation to be productive 😄


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