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6 Ways To Dress More Feminine At Home

Practical tips for looking elegant at home

Hey It-Girls! So it’s been 3 months since I wrote my ‘no frills, no florals’ guide to dressing more feminine and to date it is still my most viewed blog post! Now, this doesn’t come as a surprise: new blog posts and YouTube videos are coming out daily on ways to look or dress more feminine, classy and elegant and it’s amazing to see how much the demand for this type of content is growing. However I know it can’t just be me who kinda feels like some of the suggestions don’t always feel very practical for your everyday girl (on an everyday budget)! So since we’re back in lockdown in the UK, I thought I’d create a Part 2 and share some of my tips on how to dress more feminine at home!

1. Invest in a maxi robe/kimono

6 Ways To Look More Feminine At Home | Invest In A Robe/Kimono

Robe - Bluebella | Bracelet - ASOS

Okay so if you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I’ve taken on a new challenge this year called #TreatOfTheMonth where I share something I’ve purchased or done for myself each month as an act of intentional self-love. My treat for January just happens to be perfect for this first tip which is investing in a robe/kimono. Opt for a soft, silky fabric and sweeping maxi length for the ultimate luxe yet cosy look. The great thing about a robe/kimono is that it glams up almost any outfit. For total WFH comfort, wear a pair of high quality cycling shorts underneath your robe with a satin camisole tucked into the waistband.


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2. Wear Matching Sets

Photo via Pinterest

There’s something about a matching set that automatically makes you look more put together. From cute knitted crop top and shorts co-ords, worn under a longline cardigan, to satin PJs. Matching sets are perfect for those lazy days when you just want an easy outfit that looks effortless!

3. Opt for flared/wide leg trousers

Photo via Pinterest

So one thing I've realised when it comes to loungewear is that wide leg silhouettes instantly elevate a basic look. Garments that require more fabric to make them naturally have an air of being more luxurious than those that are thin or skin tight, not to mention they are so much more comfortable! Just watch out for those ankle swingers as a poor fit will definitely look more awkward than elegant.


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4. Choose luxe fabrics

Photo via House of CB

Dressing for winter, even at home, is all about the fabrics you wear. These clothes will be touching your skin for the best part of the day and possibly the evening as well so you'll want to invest in your own comfort. Swap out rougher polyester materials for satins and silks, choose fine but sturdy knits or go chunky with chenille fabrics.

5. Wear jewellery

Photo via Pinterest

It might seem a little extra to put on your jewellery just to sit in the house but you'd be surprised how much it elevates a basic loungewear look. This doesn't require your flashiest jewels, just a simple gold chain and a matching bracelet will be perfect for making you feel more put together and a little less frumpy.

6. Style your hair

Photo via Pinterest

Now this is another one that I must admit, I've only recently started doing but the difference it makes is undeniable. I know I'm not the only one guilty of rocking the same messy bun for several days without so much as brushing the flyaway hairs out of my face. But during these past few weeks I've worked out some cute and elegant go-to styles for my natural hair that I can easily do in the mornings, before I start working. It's amazing how quickly you can go from feeling slobby and tired to confident and put together, just from the small act of styling your hair everyday.


So those are just a few of my favourite ways to look more feminine and elegant at home! As always, let me know what your favourite tips were and how you plan on implementing them in your WFH wardrobe. Follow my ELEGANCE AT HOME board on Pinterest and connect with me on Instagram if you enjoyed this post! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!


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