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5 Ways To Dress More Feminine

The 'no florals, no frills' approach to feminine dressing for the Autumn-Winter season

If you're looking to level up your wardrobe for this transitional season and embrace more of your feminine energy without drastically changing your style, you've come to the right place. As someone who hates floral prints, frills and flouncy dresses, I've found a few easy ways to incorporate feminine touches to my everyday looks while still rocking my favourite comfy sweatpants and trainers every now and then. So today, I'm sharing a few of my favourite tips with you guys to help you dress more feminine this season!

1. Wear nudes and neutrals

Jumper - Bershka | Skirt - Missguided

So while we typically associate feminine dressing with wearing more pinks and reds, I think neutrals are not only far more elegant, they're also much easier to style with everything in your wardrobe. The best part is that whether you're wearing a delicate cardigan and smart trousers or a matching sweatshirt & joggers set, you're outfit will naturally look more expensive and put together.

2. Wear more jewellery

black woman with curly hair wearing gold jewellery, a classic white shirt and light wash jeans

Necklace - Asos | Shirt - Hugo Boss | Jeans - Missy Empire

This is something I'm still exploring and would love to experiment with more but the difference it makes is undeniable. Adding a simple necklace or a few rings instantly elevates a basic outfit and pulls it together to create a complete, well thought out look. As someone who wears a lot of neutrals, I naturally gravitate more towards warmer tones and gold jewellery. I also try to avoid mixing silver and gold in the same look as this can be confusing to the eye.

3. Perfume is the invisible accessory

Necklace - Asos | Perfume - Selfridges

One thing I completely underestimated until recently was the power of scent. We've all walked passed someone who smells amazing and instantly felt drawn to want to know who they are. Wearing perfume is an instant confidence booster and is often a silent first impression when meeting someone new. Take yourself out to your favourite department store and ask a professional to pull some classic scents for you to try. Alternatively you can ask other women you admire, what scents they wear to give you some inspiration.


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4. Balance your silhouette

dressing for your body type, woman wearing a navy turtleneck and black wide leg trousers

Roll Neck - Hugo Boss | Trousers - Missguided

So contrary to a lot of advice out there, I don't believe in wearing figure-hugging clothing in order to accentuate your silhouette as a woman. I find tight fitting clothing extremely uncomfortable and honestly think that having a balanced silhouette looks far more flattering and classy. The key here is knowing your body shape and working out what looks best on you. If you are more top heavy and have narrower hips like myself, I recommend wearing more wide leg/flare trousers paired with slim fit, streamlined tops. Alternatively if you are more bottom heavy, I'd recommend wearing more fitted bottoms with looser, high volume tops. Work with your natural proportions and you'll look naturally effortless and comfortable.

5. Invest in your upkeep

Whatever your wear, dressing more feminine is all in the details of your upkeep. You can be wearing the most baggy, oversized sweatpants and hoodie but if your hair is laid, nails and lashes are done, eyebrows are groomed and skin is clear, you will still look incredibly feminine and put together. While I personally don't invest in all of these things at once, I've chosen a few to make a priority and invest in these every month as needed. If you don't have the budget to do monthly treatments, choose one element to focus on such as your hair and experiment with styles at home to find a signature look that works for you. Buy a nail polish colour that you won't get bored of and re-paint your nails every weekend. Create natural homemade skincare masks and treat yourself to a home spa day. It's the little things that will make you feel good and therefore look good.


So those are just a few ways to incorporate more feminine touches into your everyday wardrobe. If you loved this post, you'll love my post on '6 WAYS TO DRESS MORE FEMININE AT HOME' - check it out here! Be sure to follow my 'PERSONAL STYLE' board on Pinterest for daily outfit inspo and subscribe so you never miss a post!


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