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3 Ways I Invested In Myself In 2022

Welcome back to Day 8 of the Blogmas series! Today we're discussing one of my absolute favourite topics to talk about and that is, investing in yourself. I once heard that investing in yourself is one of the lowest risk investments you can make, because the return you receive is entirely based on you. It's a concept that stuck in my head and became a core part of self-belief system and so I'm always seeking out new ways to invest in myself and level up my life for the better. I'm sure if you're into self-development like I am, you've probably heard of the concept before but perhaps you need some inspo on where to focus your self-investment efforts in 2023 - that's where this blog post comes in! Today I'm sharing 3 core ways I invested in myself this year; ideas that you can carry into 2023 to get you even closer to that ideal version of yourself that you've been envisioning.

Image Revamp

I thought I'd start with this as it's an aspect that a lot of us think about when it comes to envisioning our ideal selves. How does my ideal self dress? How does she wear her hair? Are her nails always done? What skincare products does she use? All of these are valid questions but they don't quite go deep enough. When we really think about why we want to revamp our image, more often than not it's because we're trying to evoke a feeling within that we currently don't experience.

We want to walk into a room with our heads held high rather than trying to slide under the radar. We want to radiate magnetic energy and feel confident. We want to feel less insecure and awkward when we enter those spaces we've dreamed of being in. This is what makes an image revamp such a great way to invest in yourself. It enables you to put your best foot forward and to focus your efforts elsewhere.

If you have a cohesive high-quality wardrobe where every piece works together, compliments your body and skin tone and reflects your personality, you won't be sat in an interview worried about how bobbled and ill-fitting your jumper is, whether that red lipstick was a bad choice or whether the person stood in front of you has noticed the lace of your weave lifting. Instead you can smile brighter and let your authenticity shine through knowing you are presenting yourself the way you want to be perceived. Honestly I could talk about this forever but here's a few things to look into to get you started:

  1. Kibbe Body Typing System - What's your Kibbe ID? (to understand how clothing fits and how fabric falls on your body)

  2. Kitchener's Essences - What is your essence blend? (to understand what vibe you give off and what styles would best suit you)

  3. Your 3 style adjectives - what adjectives describe how you want to feel in your clothes?

  4. What is your colour season? - check out Cocoa Styling on Youtube to learn all about colour seasons for darker skin tones

  5. What's the skincare routine that gives you the best results and what products do you need to take that routine to the next level?

  6. What are your go to hair styles to always look put together? How can you improve your natural hair health?

  7. What clothing essentials are missing from your current wardrobe?

  8. How much budget are you willing to save towards your image revamp?

If you want a full breakdown of how I answered all these questions and where to find the best info, I'm doing a full blog post on revamping your image as part of the 12 Days Of Blogmas series so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it!

Prioritising Experiences Over 'Stuff'

With the current state of the economy, for many of us right now, life can look pretty bleak with budgets squeezing tighter as prices continue to rise. In times like this, it can be easy to seek out the short-lived satisfaction of a quick takeaway or buying that trendy top that doesn't even match your style just because you have the urge to splurge. But how long does that feeling last and what are you left with a week later when the food is long gone and you still haven't found a way to make that top look good on you?

I'm not going to be that person that tells you to 'budget better' or have more 'self-control' over your savings because the reality is that in times of hardship and restricted living, we all need a pick me up every now and then to bring a little joy back into our lives. So instead my advice is this: when you get the urge to splurge prioritise experiences over 'stuff'. If you've got an extra £20 to spend for the month and you're tempted to go for your usual takeout and chill - why not call up your friends and go out to a nice restaurant instead? You can nurture your connections and make memories which will last way beyond the meal. Instead of buying those random pieces you don't need, keep a list of things you'd like to invest in on hand (perhaps something to aide your 'image revamp') and purchase that instead. Perhaps it's a hair treatment at the salon you've been curious about trying or even just getting your nails done if it's not something you do usually. Now more than ever it's time to be intentional about how and what we spend our time (and money on) and experiences create memories and long lasting impressions that are truly priceless in the long run.

Wellness Subscriptions

You know how the saying goes, health is wealth! Can one really put a price on being well? I think not (really). Now I'm not talking about those overpriced, cult wellness products that the privileged few 'swear by'. Let's face it, we can't all afford to spend hundreds on yoga mats, ankle weights and fitness mirrors for our homes. But there are more accessible ways to begin to invest in our health and wellness over time and that's with the use of monthly subscriptions. Subscriptions are great, especially if you're trying to build better healthy habits because it allows you to essentially automate your wellness! Before I subscribed to Alyve Wellness, I was absolutely awful at taking my daily vitamins (I'll admit I still can be at times). But now that I know I have a new batch coming every month, I feel more inclined to ensure I'm taking my daily dose to get through them in time to refill. As a person trying to do my part to produce less waste in my daily life, having a subscription to eco-friendly sanitary products from TOTM means I'm never caught of guard and forced to buy plastic options when my time of the month comes around! Aside from product subscriptions, I also have app subscriptions that help with everything from tracking my menstrual cycle to providing daily affirmations and meditations to work through before bed. Subscriptions are a super convenient way to reduce the friction between you and the good habits you're trying to build in your level up journey!


Another day, another Blogmas post done! How are you liking the series so far? If you've missed a few posts in the series or just want to find them all in one place - click here! Follow me on Instagram & Pinterest for daily lifestyle inspo and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!


Hey, I'm glad you're here!

For however long you stick around, I hope you feel inspired to start your own self discovery journey and to level up your everyday life. I strongly believe your dream life starts whenever you decide so here's to the start of something new...

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