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20 Autumn Bucket List Ideas To Romanticise Your Life This Season

From darker mornings to shorter days, we are well and truly into the Autumn season. With so much change in the air it's easy to feel mentally thrown off balance. While it's super easy to romanticise your life when the sun is shining and you have holidays and events to look forward to, the colder months can often feel all 'doom & gloom' (at least until Christmas). I don't know about you but I definitely find it harder to romanticise my life during the Autumn/Winter season but I'm making an effort this year to change that. I recently watched Fernanda Ramirez's video on 100 fall bucket list ideas and I'm absolutely obsessed with this concept so I thought I'd make my own list to inspire you to romanticise your life this Autumn season.

1. Enjoy the sunrise

Make more time for slow mornings and give yourself something beautiful to wake up to.

2. Keep a daily gratitude list

While we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK, gratitude is one practice we can all benefit from doing every day. When you wake up and see the sunrise, take a moment to be grateful for another day.

3. Treat yourself to a seasonal hot drink

Fun fact: I actually don't drink coffee at all (due to insomnia & BFS/anxiety) but I still love getting a 'no-coffee' PSL for those autumnal vibes. I usually ask for an oat milk chai with 2 pumps chai + 2 pumps pumpkin spice sauce for cosy seasonal vibes without the major caffeine dosage.

4. Have a cosy self-care night

Put on a hydrating face mask, use some body oils or a scrub, take a bubble bath, journal, meditate, watch your favourite movies. Take some time to focus on yourself and the things that make you feel your best.

5. Take a walk in the park

I'll admit, I'm not much of a walker, particularly when it's cold but it's too easy to shut ourselves inside during winter which isn't great for our mental health. Slowly but surely, I'm learning to embrace the weather, the cold and the falling leaves; seeing the beauty in all of it.

6. Set yourself a #fitgirlfall challenge

Buy new workout gear, get into a workout routine from yoga to the gym. I've been going twice a week and love how energised I feel after a morning workout.

7. Light a fall-scented candle

Getting a festive candle is such a simple yet fun way to get into the spirit of the season. My current fave is the Gingerbread Lane candle by Suri London. They're a sustainable black-owned business and their candles are honestly amazing - I've been lighting mine every day!

2022 candle update! Got the most gorgeous fall-scented candles this season from Homesense: pumpkin soy latte by Sand + Fog for my bathroom and caramel pumpkin by DW Home for my bedside table - I'm obsessed!

8. Curate your autumn capsule wardrobe

Chunky boots, cosy sweats, big coats; nothing beats autumn winter fashion. If you're looking for some style inspo for this new season, check out my blog post on How To Dress Like A Pinterest Girl!

9. Cook with seasonal produce

Apples, butternut squash, maple, pumpkins - I'm obsessed with seasonal cooking right now and it's such a great way to try some new recipes!

10. Rewatch your favourite shows

I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to TV shows, finding comfort in watching my favourite shows over and over again instead of watching something new. I recently purchased the box set of the original Gossip Girl, my favourite TV show of all time but it also happens to have that preppy academia aesthetic that seems to be trending right now! Gilmore Girls is also having a resurgence this season so I'll probably be re-watching this too!

11. Work in a coffee shop

This season is the perfect time for a change of scenery. There's something so cosy and nice about finding a quiet corner in your favourite café and doing your work there instead of at your WFH spot on the couch or at the dinner table at home.

12. Manifest for the last quarter of the year

Create an autumnal Pinterest vision board and set the tone for the rest of your year. The next few months are the perfect time to hibernate and focus on yourself and what you want for your life.

13. Do some baking

Apple pie, pumpkin bread, maple topped pancakes - the smell of fresh baked goods is so comforting in Autumn and it's another chance to challenge yourself with some seasonal ingredients!

14. Create a soundtrack to your autumn

I love creating playlists and have one for almost every mood or occasion. Curating a playlist for the season can help boost your mood and help you make more great memories over the next few months.

15. Invest in cosy, high-quality loungewear

Tracksuit weather calls for cosy loungewear! I'm obsessed with this brown set I got from House of CB recently and it has really made me realise the value of buying high quality versatile pieces. This set feels so good to wear whether I'm in the house or out running errands and I know it will last me a while which is always a plus.

16. Play some board games

When its too rainy or cold to go out, there's no better time to indulge in a good board game with friends or family. Grab a cosy drink or order some pizza and whip out a game of Monopoly for the ultimate cosy night in.

17. Do fall inspired nails

Browns, nudes, oranges, reds - this is the perfect excuse for a pamper day! Get into the festive season with some autumnal hues or nail art.

18. Do yoga and watch the sunset

I do this after work every day and I honestly think it's the perfect antidote to a busy day at the office.

19. Do an autumnal photoshoot

Can we normalise photoshoots for fun? I love taking photos and capturing moments in my day but I still feel super self-conscious when having my photo taken in public. Lately I've been challenging myself to do this more and it's so much fun once you get over the initial fear, especially when you're with friends who see the vision and enjoy it just as much as you!

20. Do nothing

Finally, let's not forget how nice it is sometimes to just do nothing. It's one of those things that is so underrated especially in a society where being busy is glamorised and glorified. This season goes by so quickly and before you know it Christmas will be here! So take these next few weeks to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of a day without plans.


So those are some of the activities I'll be doing to romanticise my life this season! What's on your Autumn bucket list? Let me know over on Instagram and be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post!



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